Why bespoke?

I don’t know if I chose it or it chose me, but all I’ve ever really wanted to do is make bespoke furniture – and I think about the word ‘bespoke’ a lot.

If I were to ask you if you’d like to have a bespoke piece of furniture in your home, the answer would most likely be yes. But why is that? The most common answer I hear is that people would like something that is unique to them and their home. Many also say that they would like something that properly fits the spaces in their home, with all those, nooks, crannies and irregular shapes.

However, it’s often only when a client commissions a piece of bespoke furniture that the full value of those responses becomes clear. Here are some of the benefits of ‘bespoke’ that invariably appeal.

The smallest details

When you commission bespoke furniture, you’re able to ensure that the materials, colours and finishes are all exactly as you wish. Even the smaller details such as joints and hinges can be chosen to complement every aspect of your brief. This not only makes for a unique piece of furniture but ensures that you can harmonise the furniture seamlessly into the style and character of your home.

“I find bespoke furniture brings a special level of customised personality and character to a project that’s not achievable with off-the-peg furniture,” says Lisa Keates, Director of Keates Interiors. “It enables the client to approach perfection in incorporating the piece into the overall aesthetic of the property, whilst at the same time addressing the practical requirements.”

Oddness can be an inspiration

Whether your chosen piece is free-standing or fitted, being bespoke allows you to set the exact measurements to fit your space perfectly. With the help of our design team and craftsmen, you’re able to create a piece that is specific to your space regardless of its practicalities or previous uses. Older houses may present you with uneven walls, slanted ceilings or odd-shaped rooms but these problems are transformed into sources of inspiration when it comes to bespoke furniture.