Who we work with

The eye-catching craftsmanship of the 1718 team is nourished by the rewarding collaborations we enjoy with our clients, be they private individuals, interior designers or architects.

We also enjoy teaming up with other luxury and artisan specialists, in Scotland and across the world, working together to create stunning finishes, upholstery and metalworking.

And as you can see from our portfolio, we also work extensively with Lutyens Furniture to create work based on the original drawings of the legendary British designer and architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Private clients

Our clients often have highly personal tastes and views on what they want from their furniture, and we love bringing those ideas to life for them. Sometimes they stipulate a one-off piece to celebrate a special occasion, or precisely complement a specific space.

Yet on other occasions, our clients provide us with an entirely free hand to create the designs that will work for them. Whether it’s your imagination, our inspiration or the two of us working together, we will accomplish uniquely wonderful work.

Interior designers

The 1718 team has a warm reputation for working flexibly and creatively with interior designers to bring their visions to life, maximising the impact of their finished work.

We bring great experience in materials, finishes, shapes, accessories and design practicalities to these collaborations, helping our interior design clients with problem-solving ideas as well as outstanding creativity and craftsmanship.


1718 collaborates with architects across the world to help them fully realise their designs, particularly the interiors. Again, we can meet a tightly specified brief, or create our own designs to meet a particular theme, shape or aesthetic.

As well as new buildings, we’ve assisted with restorations and refurbishments, providing expert contributions to projects ranging wildly in size, purpose and style.

Dedicated to our clients

Whoever we work and collaborate with, our commitment to outstanding service is driven by our family values. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and do everything we can to make the project a rewarding experience for them every step of the way.

Michael and the team keep in touch with clients long after the furniture has been fitted, and many friendships have been forged.

Inspired by Scotland - and the world

Based on the west coast of Scotland, we’ve always looked outwards as a business, watching proudly as our work is shipped across Europe and the Americas, the Middle East and the Far East.

We draw ideas from Scotland’s history, landscape and natural materials; we’re driven by the sense of gratitude we owe our Italian ancestors who worked so hard to build a happy life for us here; and we revel in the inspirational work of great designers such as Thomas Chippendale and Sir Edwin Lutyens.