What do interior designers see in us?

We enjoy strong relationships with interior designers – and, as well as direct commissions from private clients, many of our commissions come from an interior designer who is already working with the client.

The work of leading interior designers is fascinating and they know they can trust us to create exactly what is required. They also know that bespoke furniture makes a massive difference to the personality, impact and individuality of interiors.

“I like to use bespoke furniture in my schemes because it means I can make the new interiors in keeping with the property,” says Stacey Sibley, Co-founder of Beau Sala and formerly Creative Director at Alexander James Interiors. “It’s great to be sympathetic towards to the character and style of the house. Bespoke furniture also means you have the ability to utilise the space properly. This is particularly true of wardrobes and storage, as they are usually a main concern of our clients.”

Trying to source off-the-shelf furniture for a client brief is often impossible and, as well as allowing much greater flexibility, creating bespoke options brings unique character to the finished rooms.

“I like to make every project individual, with furniture tailor-made to suit the client’s brief,” says Diana Celella, Managing Director of The Drawing Room Interiors. “Budget allowing, we always recommend designing unique, totally bespoke pieces of furniture.”

Beautiful furniture – on budget

I also asked Davina Merola, MD & Creative Director at Space Alchemy, what she looks for in bespoke furniture design. “When we’re introducing any company to work with us on a client’s project we look into them closely to ensure they can produce the quality we’re looking for at the price that suits the budget. We also prefer to work with well-established companies that are well run and reliable as it makes everyone’s life easier and ensures smooth running during the project.”

Diana agrees: “Interior designers want to work with companies who produce beautiful furniture, on deadline and on budget. We have an eye for detail and expect the furniture to reflect this.”

A single piece of bespoke furniture can affect the end result of any overall brief, so the designer is putting their reputation on the line when they partner up with a furniture maker. “Client satisfaction is what I always strive for and the bespoke elements of a scheme can make all the difference,” adds Stacey.

I was also interested in trends that Stacey has observed in the interiors world, which I’ve noticed in work that has been commissioned from us. “There’s a growing need to accommodate audio visual or office equipment (such as printers) in bespoke cabinetry,” she says. “More and more clients want home cinemas, or a home workspace that looks welcoming rather than utilitarian – now more than ever, in the pandemic crisis.”

Most of us have certainly spent a lot more time at home in 2020 than we would have done normally, so why not make it as appealing a place as possible – unique, bespoke, for you and your family.

Thank you to:
Diana Celella, Managing Director, The Drawing Room Interiors
Davina Merola, MD & Creative Director, Space Alchemy
Stacey Sibley, Co-founder, Beau Sala