Admirers of Sir Edwin

We’ve created a large portfolio of exquisite furniture working with Candia Lutyens, granddaughter of the celebrated English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Here are some more examples.

This walnut viceroy table, for a private client in Geneva, is smaller than the other two featured on this website, extending by only two additional leaves, but the craftsmanship of the table is every bit as eye catching.

Our Lutyens furniture can be found all over the world, and we created this matching 1929 chair and stool for a private client in Dubai, showcasing the natural grain of the walnut and the gorgeous detailing of the Delhi bells and bun feet.

The famous English architect Sir Terry Farrell has such admiration for Sir Edwin Lutyens that he lives in a Lutyens house. It therefore made sense for him to commission some Lutyens furniture and, through Candia, we created a Mansfield table for his living room. We don’t have a picture but, made from walnut with a boxwood inlay, the design comes straight from Sir Edwin’s original drawings.

Candia Lutyens: “Lutyens Furniture and Lighting has formed a strong partnership with Michael Mancini over many years. He and the team at 1718 have a wonderful passion for my grandfather’s designs, demonstrate an extraordinary level of craftsmanship, and deliver a high standard of service and care that my clients are always impressed by.”